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I’ve been engaged in developing technology in Silicon Valley since the early 80’s (Ya, I remember tape drives and punch cards). I started my career as a software developer, moved into management and then in the downturn of 2004, I transitioned to supporting end users as an IT guy so I could be close to my customers.  I’ve worked as an independent contractor supporting small businesses and mid-sized enterprises. I also ran facilities and IT at a mid-sized church, implementing livestream when the pandemic hit. I support Windows, Mac, Linux workstations and servers, IT monitoring, email systems, VoIP telephone systems, storage and can usually figure out how to support many types of business apps. Most business apps are online now, and support bring your own device – be that a phone or tablet or computer. I’ve helped many organizations transition to the cloud. I’m good at computer networking for small businesses and Enterprise class data centers. People say I’m patient with them and easy to work with.

I like to work with people to find and implement solid solutions to their problems.

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The most common problem people have with computers is software-related issues. These can range from system crashes, slow performance, software compatibility issues, malware infections, and error messages. Additionally, user errors such as accidental deletion of files or misconfigurations can also cause problems. It’s important for computer users to stay vigilant with regular software updates, use reliable antivirus software, and practice safe browsing habits to minimize these issues.

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