Technolgy is complex and getting worse

Despite claims that a product is “easy to use”, the progression continues to make ever more complicated user interfaces and solutions. Re-use and business to business (B2B) integrations provide layers of complexity that befuddle the best of us. Additionally, there’s huge financial incentive in the industry to change the way things are done in order to justify upgrades or subscriptions. None of these things is likely to change anytime soon.

Consolidating all of this complexity into a simple explanation is difficult yet necessary as most people are not oriented to an intuitive understanding of technology.

2 responses to “Technolgy is complex and getting worse”

  1. Computer devices can be very frustrating. The technology built into our devices today is very powerful and also so flexible. This enables developers to create very complex solutions which creates frustration for most people. As we age, brain plasticity lessens which only increases frustration. At the same time, developers seek to out compete each other by implementing ever more complicated and nuanced user interfaces — especially in the form of gestures and swipes. Additionally, the multiple layers involved in most applications today can be very confusing and intimidating.

    I can’t fix the frustration but because of my experience, I can help explain in simple terms what’s happening and show you how to avoid or lessen frustration. I seek to find solutions that meet your needs without being overly complicated.

  2. It’s been exactly one year since I stopped getting paid. Now that I’m fully out of a job — they call it retired — I’m not that anxious to take on a ton of new clients. I apologize for that but I do have many activities now that have replaced my normal working hours.

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